To be one of the best health service providers in the region according to the highest standards of quality and accreditation

To become a leading provider of integrated healthcare in the Kingdom through a range of world-class quality medical facilities and services to improve patients’ lives.


Providing high-quality, safe health services that exceed the expectations of our customers through an integrated and distinguished medical team, using the latest advanced medical devices and technologies, with our commitment to high professionalism, education and continuous development.

Our core values ​​and norms

Patient first: Patients are at the forefront of our priorities. The best measure of our success is the degree of customer satisfaction with our services.
Excellence: We strive to provide the best medical services through an integrated and distinguished medical team.
Respect: Our employees are one of our first concerns, as we appreciate and develop the contributions of each one of them in light of the multiplicity of experiences, cultures and capabilities that make up the hospital staff.
Partnership: Cooperation and coordination with local and international health service providers is extremely important. We encourage the exchange of experiences, professional support and positive competition.
Teamwork: An atmosphere of support, openness and broad-mindedness encourages creativity, innovation and quality improvement in individual and team work.
Professionalism: We trust in the capabilities, competencies and skills of our work team and believe that they are able to perform their duty with care, diligence and accuracy.

Ahmadi Medical Complex

With God’s help, was created complex in 1984 under the name Former (Al-Ahmadi Medical Clinic) and that individual efforts, support and encouragement from the state,

times of work : From 8:30 - 10:30 PM

We work all days of the week


24 hour customer service

Kalthoum Ibn Alhosain St, Uhud

Saudi Arabia, Dammam