Launching the official website

Praise be to God and His grace, the new official website of Al-Ahmadi Medical Complex has been launched, which includes all medical departments and information about each department and the doctors in each department, as well as the services provided by the complex, the rights and duties of patients, data and communication and other various information

With God’s help and success, the complex was established in the year 1984 AD under the previous name (Al-Ahmadi Medical Dispensary) with individual efforts, support and encouragement from the state, as this field at that time was considered a critical investment due to its modernity and humility of expertise, but with the grace of God and our conviction in the community’s need for services This sector, thanks to the encouragement of those in charge of the matter, we decided to go through the experiment and started with the grace of God with a limited number of clinics and services. Development and modernization processes continued on the vertical and horizontal levels continuously and gradually, the last of which was in the years 2014, 2015, 2016 AD, until the picture was completed in the way we have now And still the ceiling of our ambitions and aspirations expand for more.

Especially since this field, by its nature, needs continuous development and modernization processes to keep pace with what is happening in it and the technological fields that support the speed of discoveries and continuous development. We are working hard to provide everything that is modern to meet the desires of our customers in providing a contemporary and easy service.

God is behind the intent and success is in it.

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