General Manager Word

My brothers, partners of achievement .. Greetings and appreciation ,,,

In the beginning, it must be recognized that the most important elements of continuous success is clarity of vision and objectives, effort, perseverance and coordination with our partners of customers, employees, supporters and other working relationships to reach a degree of satisfaction to complete the workshops of mutual benefit and achieve and continue success and this is the desired goal.

Here we must express our great thanks and appreciation for your precious trust, which was and continues to serve as a shining light for us on the road to success and we reaffirm our promise to spare no effort to raise the efficiency and quality of service to the extent that suits you and fulfills our ambitions and goals.

And take this opportunity .. To whisper in the ear of every young man and especially the sons of my beloved target with every achievement .. I tell them that success and excellence does not come by coincidence or by immersing in the aspirations .. But clear goals and work diligently and perseverance and perseverance, and after relying on God I am absolutely sure that I see Your success is the vision of the eye. We have the dedication to work and God helps and manages.

General Director

Wasel Saad Al Ahmadi

Ahmadi Medical Complex

With God’s help, was created complex in 1984 under the name Former (Al-Ahmadi Medical Clinic) and that individual efforts, support and encouragement from the state,

times of work : From 8:30 - 10:30 PM

We work all days of the week


24 hour customer service

Kalthoum Ibn Alhosain St, Uhud

Saudi Arabia, Dammam