Diabetes is a chronic disease exercise.

Diabetes is a chronic disease exercise.

Definition of diabetes mellitus – types – symptoms – complications

Definition of diabetes

It is a chronic chronic condition.
1- The pancreas does not produce enough insulin.
2- Or when the body cannot use the insulin produced.
Insulin: A hormone produced by the pancreas from the body to use glucose from the blood and produce it to produce energy for the body. Failure to produce insulin or its failure to work results in a level of glucose in the blood.

Types of diabetes

The first type:
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His treatment:
A disease that is treated from a disease, using injections or an insulin pump.

The second type:
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His treatment:
1- Lifestyle change (exercise and healthy diet-based food). 2- Treatment with medicines (tablets and the condition may develop, recently and recently, in insulin injections).

The third type:
It is called gestational diabetes, where it affects some pregnancy.
There are also other types of diabetes.

Symptoms associated with diabetes

  • Excessive urination
  • thirst
  • hunger
  • Weight loss
    Fatigue and stress
  • Inability to concentrate
  • blurred vision
    Vomiting and abdominal pain

diabetes complications
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Kidney impairment
Peripheral neuropathy
Central nervous system impairment
Atherosclerosis and heart disease
Peripheral circulatory disorder

  • cerebral circulatory disorder
  • Hypertension
    High fat and cholesterol in the blood
    Impunity in a man
    The negative psychological impact of a disease on those affected by it

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