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With God’s help, was created complex in 1984 under the name Former (Al-Ahmadi Medical Clinic) and that individual efforts, support and encouragement from the state, as this area at that time is critical investment newness and humility of experience in, but the grace of God and our conviction in need of society Services this sector thanks to encourage those who on the matter, we decided to experience and started thanks to God, a limited number of clinics, service and successive development processes and update on the vertical and horizontal levels continuously and Mrhalihn was Yka in years 2014.2015, 2016, until the image completed as we got him now gesticulate The roof of our ambitions and aspirations can accommodate more.

Especially since this area nature needs continued development processes and modernization to keep pace hardly and technological domains in support of the speed of discovery and development of continuing We are working hard to provide everything that is modern to satisfy the wishes of our customers to provide a modern service and are soft.

God is behind the intent of conciliation and has ..

ساعات عمل العيادات

بعون الله وتوفيقه، تم انشاء المجمع في العام 1984م تحت المسمى السابق ( مستوصف الأحمدي الطبي ) وذلك بجهود فردية ودعم وتشجيع من الدولة

الأحد - الخميس 19:00 - 08:00

نعمل جميع أيام الاسبوع


خدمة عملاء 24 ساعة

حي أحد، طريق الملك فهد

المملكة العربية السعودية، الدمام